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Published on May 29, 2017

SILVERRUN 2.9.2 DGX features the integration of business modeling and measures for Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance.


Installation of SILVERRUN RDM / BPM Named User (using 'Local Block system')
for Win 2000 or XP

  1. Install the Virtual Port Driver
    • Connect to our Web server and authenticate yourself using the credentials provided to you by our Technical Support. (Please note: Do not use the free-downloadable tryout version which cannot be activated as a full license.)
    • Download the Virtual Port Driver from the section Security Mechanisms.
    • On the SILVERRUN workstation, start Virtual_Port_Driver\setupx86.exe.
    • In the window, choose Functions / Remove Sentinel Driver (to be sure that any previous version of the virtual port driver is removed).
    • In the window, choose Functions / Install Sentinel Driver.
    • Keep the path and click on the OK button.

  2. Plug the block on the parallel port (LPT1). Restart the computer.

  3. Install the application
    • Download the '...Installer' from the above mentioned web site.
    • Double-click the installer and follow the dialog.
    • In the 'Installation Type' step, choose 'With Block'. In the next window, answer the question regarding the network block with 'No'.

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