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SILVERRUN - Current Version

Grandite has expanded its support for NoSQL databases by adding features for the design and generation of the
graph database Neo4j to its SILVERRUN suite for data and process modeling.


Computer Aided Software Engineering Using SILVERRUN CASE Tools

Computer aided software engineering / CASE is a method-driven software development process supported by hardware and software tools.

Computer aided software engineering / CASE is as old as professional software development - driven by the never-ending necessity to keep the software production and maintenance process as short, but reliable as possible.

SILVERRUN's computer aided software engineering tool / CASE tools are customizable and support literally any approach that has proven to be meaningful, e.g.

  • Starting from scratch
  • Representing an industry-specific reference model
  • Reverse engineering of databases and application systems
  • Top-down / hierarchical decomposition
  • Bottom-up / aggregation and assignment of elementary objects to larger units.

A real-life project requires more than one approach - SILVERRUN is the ideal CASE tool to integrate independently developed diagrams into one homogeneous, verified model.

Whether you start with data modeling or with process modeling - SILVERRUN's functional modules share the same repository and ensure the integrity of your work items.

Grandite provides the tools and consulting services to help you making your computer aided software engineering projects successful.

Please contact us for more information.

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