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SILVERRUN - Current Version

Grandite has expanded its support for NoSQL databases by adding features for the design and generation of the
graph database Neo4j to its SILVERRUN suite for data and process modeling.



The first steps of a project are the most critical ones for ensuring its success. SILVERRUN workshops respond to the specific needs of participants, saving our clients' time and money.

Grandite provides:

  • Strong support for project managers
  • Knowledge to less-experienced users to help them get started
  • Task-specific tips and tricks
  • Review project plan and progress
  • Seamless integration of the SILVERRUN tool set into the organizational and the IT development environment

Please contact us for an individual offer.


The challenges of information technology are unlimited but the resources of organizations may be scarce. Grandite and its International Partners offer scalable services in order to help our customers' bridge the gap.

They have the expertise to:
  • Develop model management strategies
  • Plan, coach and manage enterprise modeling projects
  • Help enterprises migrate from their current legacy-based systems to a more flexible, business oriented IT architecture.
Consulting includes e.g.:
  • Business modeling of organization processes and data
  • UML based modeling
  • Application design
  • Databases and software engineering

Please contact us for an individual offer.

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