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Published on May 29, 2017

SILVERRUN 2.9.2 DGX features the integration of business modeling and measures for Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance.


Data Governance Starts With a Solid Business Model!


To facilitate the integration of measures for regulatory compliance and business modeling, Grandite released

SILVERRUN 2.9.2 DGX Data Governance eXpert

with built-in features to develop a Business Data Dictionary, track Data Lineage etc. complementing SILVERRUN's traditional functionality to create and share repository-based models of processes, data flows and data.

SILVERRUN DGX Data Governance eXpert

bundling one license each:
SILVERRUN RDM DGX Enterprise Local and SILVERRUN BPM DGX Enterprise Local
with a common repository

including maintenance & support

6-Months Subscription
per workstation

US$ 1,400.00

1-Year Subscription
per workstation

US$ 2,600.00

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