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Published on May 29, 2017

SILVERRUN 2.9.2 DGX features the integration of business modeling and measures for Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance.


website text optimization or website text optimisation?

If you have reached this page by an organic search, e.g. using Google and the phrase website text optimization, very likely you found it on top of the search results. However, you might have realized that spelling matters - searching with website text optimization does not necessarily deliver the same results as searching with website text optimisation.

Driven by its expertise in analyzing and structuring formatted as well as non-formatted information Grandite has successfully optimized several international websites (including its own) and accomplished a favorable ranking in major search engines for hundreds of English and French search phrases. As a result e.g. Grandite's visibility on the Web has increased by more than 300% over the past two years.

Visibility is not just about increasing the traffic - it is all about bringing your target group to your website. Your preferred clientele must find your organization in top ranking when searching for a category of the product, the service etc. that you want to market. And - like in traditional face-to-face sales - if you don't speak the client's "language", you won't make the deal!

Writing to an invisible international community has even more facets:

  • What is your target group really looking for?
  • Which vocabulary will they use when searching?
  • Will they search in English, French, Spanish, Chinese or ...?
  • Will they use British English or American English, French from France or French from Canada, ...?
  • Which spelling will they use (including common mistakes)?

We can help you to

  • Define the right set of search phrases
  • Re-write the related paragraphs of your Web pages
  • Implement the modifications in your website
  • Monitor the effect on major search engines
and to accomplish an effective website text optimization (and website text optimisation).

Please contact us for more information.

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