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SILVERRUN - Current Version

Grandite has expanded its support for NoSQL databases by adding features for the design and generation of the
graph database Neo4j to its SILVERRUN suite for data and process modeling.


SILVERRUN Professional & Enterprise Series
for Complete Analysis, Modeling & Specification
of Information Systems

SILVERRUN - Business Architecture Tools

SILVERRUN Professional & Enterprise Series
for Professional Enterprise Business Architecture

... comprises a feature-rich business process modeling tool (BPM) and a comprehensive data modeling tool (RDM / ERX) supporting multiple database and application systems.

Organizational, conceptual and technical aspects of a business application system can be integrated and reflected in various graphical representations.

SILVERRUN's business process modeling objects and data modeling objects are stored and linked in a common team repository (Enterprise version).

The professional SILVERRUN business architecture tools can be run on all Windows platforms and are available in versions for local installations and for floating use in networks.

SILVERRUN Professional & Enterprise Series

... features

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