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SILVERRUN - Current Version

Grandite has expanded its support for NoSQL databases by adding features for the design and generation of the
graph database Neo4j to its SILVERRUN suite for data and process modeling.


Support Team

The SILVERRUN Customer Support Team is looking forward to answering your calls and emails regarding

  • Effective use of the SILVERRUN tools' functionalities and capabilities
  • Understanding key underpinning concepts
  • Integration of third-party-products
  • etc.

To swiftly and better respond to clients, special attention is paid to understanding customer’s need. Customer care is driving trainers, consultants and engineers in the support team.

International Support Center

Location: Quebec, Canada
Language: English and French
Phone: 1-866-808-3932 option 1 (toll-free from US & Canada)
Phone: +1-581-318-2018 option 1
Fax: +1-581-703-0924

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